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Bachelor of E-Commerce

1. Overview

Bachelor of E-Commerce, is a 3.5-year undergraduate program, aims to provide e-commerce, digital marketing, and online business career in various industry sectors. Suitable for those who love to hand on work and keen to apply technologies to solve business problems, the program will equip students with both hard skills and soft skills which all students to get the critical knowledge and capacity to work with many huge companies in Cambodia.

2. Skills

After completing the program, students will be able to get the following skills:

  • Basic knowledge of logistic
  • Digital communication/ e-marketing
  • Develop an e-commerce website
  • Online business and advertising
  • Entrepreneurship

3. Career

  • E-commerce system administrator
  • Information systems consultant
  • Business development officer
  • Web systems project officer
  • Web application developer
  • Digital Communications Agency
  • Online Store Owner / e-Entrepreneur / Startup
  • Digital marketer / e-maker
  • The student will be able to become a manager of department e-commerce/ digital marketing
  • In 3 to 5 years students will be able to start-up an online business

4. Recruitment Area

  • Popular areas of recruitment for such graduates include:
  • IT & Software Companies
  • E-commerce/business online companies
  • Electronics Companies
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Digital Marketing Department of MNCs etc.
  • Data Analytics Agencies
  • Online News Portals
  • Magazines and Similar Publications


Year 1
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Coding Coding Graphic Design
Soft skill Soft skill Fundamentals of e-commerce
ITE Math Discrete Business communication
Algebra CCNA 1 Algorithm Programming
Art Probability and Statistics Supply chain management
Seminar Seminar Seminar
Year 2
Term 4 Term 5 Internship 1
Advertising and Sale E-marketing/digital communication 12 weeks internship
Web Design Marketing Research
Database Admin & Database analysis design Software engineering
OOP with Java Web Application Development
Entrepreneurship UI/UX Design
Seminar Seminar1
Year 3
Term 6 Term 7 Term 8
Small Biz accounting Machine learning AI
Principles of Management Management Information System E-com startup + technical Project
Economics(micro+macro) E-banking/e-payment Project management
Soft skill (Management) Data Science Soft skill (Law, Business)
e-business Soft skill Cyber Security
Seminar  Seminar Seminar
Year 4
Internship 2
16 weeks internship