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Telecoms and Networking sector has experienced a lot of progress all across the world. Cambodia’s telecoms industry is not an exception and has seen massive growth in the last few years.

The industry is searching for individuals who have in-depth theoretical knowledge and are skillful and competent in running the operations. This has opened the doors of various opportunities for telecommunications and networking professionals. Bachelor of Science in Telecoms and Networking (BS-TN) focuses on Networking and Telecoms operations, their management and security issues. The program meets the international standards for a full-length 3.5-year bachelor’s degree.

Telecoms and Networking Major

Graduates of the Telecoms and Networking program fill an increasing demand for networking technology professionals who can keep up with this rapidly changing field without losing sight of market needs and the strategic value of information. Our graduates have positioned themselves in careers such as:

  • Network and infrastructure engineers and managers
  • Technical and marketing support specialists
  • Information security specialists
  • Entrepreneurs in the telecommunications and network industry
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs)

Course Objectives

Students will gain an in-depth understanding of both the technical and operational aspects of the industry, and emerge prepared for success in a wide range of telecom careers. Bachelor of Science in Telecom and Networking (BS-TN) provides:

  • A solid understanding of emerging telecommunications and Networking technologies, including Fiber Optics, Broadband, VoIP and Wireless
  • A strong base in the fundamental industry concepts and practices
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills using computer technology
  • A keen awareness of telecom industry management and operations
  • Teamwork, communications, and career development skills and best practices
  • Internship and Project.


Year 1
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Coding Coding Math for Engineering
Soft skill Soft skill Basic Electronic I
ITE Math Discrete CCNA 2
Algebra CCNA 1 OOP with Java
Art Probability and Statistic Seminar
Seminar Seminar
Year 2
Term 4 Term 5 Internship 1
Basic Electronic II Optical communication 12 Weeks Internship
Analog & Digital Communication CCNA 4
System Administrator (Windows Server and Linux) Wireless Communication
Seminar Seminar
Year 3
Term 6 Term 7 Term 8
Data Communication Cryptography & Data Compression Network Security
Apply Communication Network Intelligent Network Soft skill (Telecoms Law / Policy / Regulation)
Network Design Research Methodology IP Core Network
Mobile Telecommunication Sensor/IoT Telecoms and Network Project
Entrepreneurship Soft skill Seminar
Seminar Seminar Project Management
Year 4
Internship 2
16 Weeks Internship