• The class rooms are equipped with the latest teaching aids including overhead projectors.
  • Lectures shall be conducted by qualified faculties separately for each module.
  • The faculty shall utilize automatic slide-shows and LCD projectors hereby enhancing the effectiveness of the lectures.


Computer Lab

  • The labs are the main area of focus as it provides practical application training to the students.
  • Well-qualified labs instructors shall be present in the labs at all times.
  • The labs are equipped with the latest hardware & software configurations.


Seminar Room

The seminar room has capacity for 35 people and is available for workshops, seminars and meetings
that advance the broad purposes as the following:

  • advancing the University’s international research profile (including hosting international research visitors)
  • promoting the emergence and activities of new interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research groups
  • and promoting the research development of early career scholars
    There is no charge for the use of the seminar room.

Parking Area



  • The library provides a rich collection of latest books and publications for perusal by the students.
  • To keep the students at par with the latest developments in the world of IT, free Internet access has been provided to them in the library.
  • And online access to digitized audio, video, and written material.


Information Access Center

The information and communication revolution has potential to improve productivity and quality of life. On the other side,it has also caused a sid e effect such as unbalanced of information by a basis of countries, generation and so on. And the Information Access Center (IAC) which is established by the collaboration of Korea and Cambodia will be a little help toward minimizing it.

  • IAC is designed to create an environment that the public benefit from IT and to give local inhabitants IT utilization opportunity and to promote IT cooperation between countries.
  • IAC is a complex facility which includes a computer training room,
    an Internet Lounge, a seminar room and an office room. Moreover, it is providing
    the local inhabitants with various IT training program, high speed internet with
    free access and space for IT seminar and so on.